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SigmaPrint are the authorized spares and service provider for the Speedline SMTech range of PCB screen printing machines. We have over 400,000 USD of SMTech spare parts available along with full access to all SMTech documentation. All staff are ex-SMTech service and design personnel. Only SigmaPrint can supply all Speedline SMTech parts to the original manufacturers specification.

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CustomFoil & FineFoil

CustomFoil & FineFoil


CustomFoil & FineFoil

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SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd


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Do you have issues with the height of your paste deposit when printing close to your clamp foils? Let SigmaPrint take you to the EDGE of your printing boundaries! The CustomFoil � (PAT APP FOR) board clamp replacement system from SigmaPrint Technologies can be fitted to all surface mount screen printing machines that use the over the top clamping to secure the substrate whilst printing. Segments of the CustomFoil adjacent to problematic printing areas can easily be removed by simply snapping them out. Using the CustomFoil system can substantially reduce the effect of varying paste height when printing close to the clamp foil ensuring that a more uniform print deposit can be measured over the whole printed area. Individual foil clamps can be replaced quickly, typically in under a minute and as the cost of the replacement foils are much lower than that of the standard foils the CustomFoil lends itself to being easily customized to suit specific printing applications. In most cases the Initial cost of investment can be easily recouped within the cost of replacing a second set of standard clamp foils and in extensive field trials the custom foil has been proven to considerably outlast the proprietary foils initially fitted. The system is currently available for AVX500, UP500, UP1500 and Accuflex screen printers with kits for other manufactures machines being released later in the year. Please contact SigmaPrint for further information.

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