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SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD)

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The exclusive supplier of SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit in North America and the only SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD) coating service bureau in the world.

Alpharetta, Georgia, USA


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SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD)

SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD)


SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD)



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SIPAD Systems Inc.


SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (SSD) Description:

SIPAD Solid Solder Deposit (ssd) is a Siemens patented process that pre loads the pc board surface mount pads with solder in a solid form.

Boards are printed, reflowed without components producing a predictable repeatable meniscus. SIPAD boards are then washed to remove flux residue from initial reflow. Once clean, the boards are transported through the SIPLAN 300 flattening system that reheats and flattens the ssd's perfectly planar with each other. Adhesive flux is applied and protected with release paper until assembly. Components can be placed by hand or machine. Once heated the pads return to the original shape fusing the component leads with excellent repeatable results.

The SIPAD process is offered in a few different varieties. Regular SIPAD ssd is eutectic 63/37 tin lead solder deposits. This is the original version and can use any eutectic solder paste as long as it is a water soluble version. SIPAD boards must be washed before flattening. Tin/Silver/Lead blends are also available for harsher environments but must be special ordered.

Regular SIPAD

The SIPAD solid solder deposit process is an alternative to screen printing solder paste during the printed circuit board assembly process. SIPAD solder is "solid solder" with adhesive flux to hold components in place.


SIPAD LF is our lead free version of the SIPAD solid solder deposit. This product is excellent for the transition from leaded to lead free products. Like regular SIPAD boards, SIPAD LF boards come out of the box ready to place parts without stencil printing.


SIPAD MW stands for microwave. These boards break all the soldermask rules for SIPAD ssd application however, microwave designs are becoming more and more popular with SIPAD Systems. Creative fixturing allows SIPAD systems to tackle these unusual designs previously thought impossible for the SIPAD solid solder deposit technology.


SIPAD Radio Frequency (RF) boards do not follow traditional solder mask design rules. However, the advantages are numerous putting the right amount of solder in the right place. Careful stencil engineering and experience are the keys and SIPAD Systems offers both.

SIPAD VIP is via in pad technology. SIPAD Systems has developed different solutions for filling via holes with solder. Size, design and other factors affect which process is used. Please contact SIPAD Systems for more information on SIPAD VIP

SIPAD Systems Sample Boards

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate the capabilities of a SIPAD printed circuit board is to try one for yourself. SIPAD Systems offers sample boards that can be assembled in your facility. The SIPAD sample board has numerous surface mount footprints common to many designs, coated with SIPAD solid solder deposit and flux adhesive.

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