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Fuji NXTII - Scalable SMT Placement Platform

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Fuji Machine Manufacturing Company - a world leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art surface mount assembly equipment including high speed chip placers, flexible placement systems and screen printers.

Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA


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Fuji NXTII - Scalable SMT Placement Platform

Fuji NXTII - Scalable SMT Placement Platform


Fuji NXTII - Scalable SMT Placement Platform


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Fuji America Corporation


Fuji NXTII - Scalable SMT Placement Platform Description:

The Fuji NXT is designed to meet the demands of modern production environments. Its interchangeable placement heads allow each machine module to function as either a high speed chip mounter or a multi-function placement machine.

Heads are fast and simple to change out - enabling the changeover of a complete production line in just minutes. NXT modules are rapidly reconfigurable to ensure your ability to meet real-time production demands. M3 (320 mm wide) and M6 (645 mm wide) modules can be arranged and quickly rearranged to specifically fit your unique and dynamically changing production environment. Horizontal loading intelligent feeders not only allow components to be loaded while the machine is moving - they eliminate setup errors, as the ID function ensures that components are delivered where they are needed on the board.

The NXT can accommodate PCB sizes up to 20" X 21" and is equipped with automatic rail width adjustment and an optional automatic tooling pin support system. Intelligent feeders are standard and can be quickly loaded into any available slot, prevent component loss on reel changeover, and provide remaining component and preventative maintenance administration.

NXT's language-neutral, icon-based operating system minimizes the learning curve for training operators, and improves efficiency of operators running the line. This eliminates the typical implementation issues with productivity and quality that often accompany the integration of new technology.

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