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MACHINES SERVICED Fuji Screen printers � GSP2, 3 GP551, and GP641 Fuji Glue Machines � FGL 2, 5, 5-41 Fuji CP Machines � CP2, CP3, CP4 Series, CP6 Series, CP7 Series, CP8 Series Fuji FIP Machines � FIP1, FIP2, FIP3 Fuji QP Machines � QP242, QP341, QP351 Fuji XP Machines � XP142E, XP242E, XP341 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE PLATFORMS MCS2 F4G FUJICAM FLEXA SERVICES PROVIDED 1. Machine maintenance and breakdown service. 2. Machine rebuild. Examples: CP Series � cam box rebuilds ball-screw replacement, turret replacement, vision system component replacement and calibration: FIP Series� placement head rebuilds ball-screw replacement, vision system component replacement and calibration, tray unit component replacement and calibration. 3. Machine placement accuracy improvement. 4. Machine component rebuilds. Examples: CP6 Series - placement shaft rebuilds and calibration. 5. Onsite training � Preventative maintenance, feeder maintenance, machine calibration, machine programming. 6. Process Training 7. Technical support 24/7 for Customers. 8. Machine inspections and Operational Evaluations. 9. 1 Year warranty on labor. CONTACT ATS FOR SERVICE QUOTE

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