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SMT Engineering Solutions

Some services include:1.Off-line programming for many pick &place machines,Create cad data from gerber files.Develop and order paste stencils,Create process drwgs,Bare board design changes,Panelization,plus much more.Contact for more info.

Sanford, Florida, USA

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  • Phone 407-688-1569
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Affordable,Engineering services designed to increase your uptime by decreasing your down time. Let us provide your company with off-line programming of your pick&place equipment.Create cad data from gerber files.Develop paste stencil files and stencils.Make minor design changes to gerbers.We can panelize your pcbs for manufacturability for your specific machines.We can also develop complete assembly instructions including drawings,color schetch sheets and assembly notes.Our company can provide technical support for established manufacturers as well as helping companies that have just entered the surface mount arena.We can provide the support and have your new or recently purchased used machines producing product until you aquire and/ or train your own people.Our experience and pricing can provide your company affordable high quality solutions to your manufacturing needs. Let us help you today.

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