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PCB Assembly in NH - High-Mix, Low-Mid Volume

Milford, New Hampshire, USA

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
Our wave soldering and hand soldering processes are fully compliant with the highest commercial (IPC-A-610D) and military specifications.
Surface Mount
We use automated screen printing and pick-and-place equipment and conveyorized forced air convection reflow.
Mixed Technologies
We achieve the same high quality on double-sided surface mount technology and mixed through-hole designs. We specialize in difficult or complex assembly requirements.
Our environmentally friendly facility uses only water-soluble and no-clean fluxes, and we clean using a Treiber conveyorized high-pressure wash or our batch Aqueous Technologies wash. Our water is de-ionized and purified by a closed loop system.
Conformal Coating
Acrylic, polyurethane and silicon coatings are applied to completed assemblies on-site.
Cables, Harnesses and Box Builds

Itronics has extensive tooling and experience all types of cables and harnesses, including individual cables as well as "in the box" harnesses and final assembly.

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