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Effect of Thermal Aging on Solderabilityof ENEPIG Surface Finish Used in Printed Circuit Boards

Dec 29, 2021 | MaanBajnaid, Emily Holtzhouser, Jordan Terrell, Lawrence Yeh

Medtronic seeks to quantify the thermal aging limits of electroless Ni-electroless Pd-immersion Au (ENEPIG) surface finishes to determine how aggressive the silicon burn-in process can be without loss of solderability. Silicon burn-in (power testing at elevated temperature) is used to eliminate early field failures, critical for device reliability. Thermal aging due to burn-in or annealing causes Ni and Pd diffusion to and oxidation on the surface. Surface oxides limit wetting of the PbSn solder, affecting electrical connectivity of components soldered afterburn-in. Isothermal aging of two ENEPIG surface finishes was performed at 75°C-150°C for 100 hrs-1500hrs to test the thermal aging limits and identify how loss of solderability occurs....

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