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ERSA RPC 550 - Reflow Process Camera

ERSA RPC 550 - Reflow Process Camera

ERSA RPC 550 - Reflow Process Camera


ERSA RPC 550 - Reflow Process Camera


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kurtz ersa Corporation

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ERSA RPC 550 - Reflow Process Camera Description:

"Seeing is believing"- the best form of process control is being able to see the actual reflow process. The ERSA RPC 550 A Reflow Process Camera is the first system to visualize the creation of BGA / SMT soldered joints during the soldering process, and is a perfect complement to any ERSA IR rework system. In addition to the camera, the ERSA RPC 550 A contains a vibration free, precision movement PCB table and employs a powerful bottom side fan for quickly cooling assemblies after rework.

The 180° swiveling, height-adjustable and freely tilting camera with a wide zoom range affords a free view of any assembly during rework. The magnified image of the solder joint shows the solder melt, so that the user can perfectly calibrate the IRS sensor of the rework system. Both operation of the 72 x motorized zoom camera (2fixed positions) and adjustment of external mousepad.

The RPC 550 A can be connected to a PC using ERSA IDView or ImageDoc EXP, or to commercially available video monitors with multisync capability. The IRSoft and IDView software packages provide complete documentation of the temperature and process profiles as well as a video clip during the course of the soldering process.

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