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ERSACAM - the Chameleon of Video Microscopes

ERSACAM - the Chameleon of Video Microscopes

ERSACAM - the Chameleon of Video Microscopes


ERSACAM - the Chameleon of Video Microscopes



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kurtz ersa Corporation

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kurtz ersa Corporation

Manufacturer of Selective Soldering Systems, Ersascope BGA Inspection Systems, BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Irons, Wave Solder and Reflow Equipment.

Wertheim, Germany

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Selective Soldering, Soldering

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ERSACAM - the Chameleon of Video Microscopes Description:

The ERSACAM is a versatile video microscope for inspection and operation in assembly production.

The high quality MACROZOOM lens provides system magnification from 7 to 70 X, thereby covering the range of standard microscopy. The large working distance to the object allows for visual assistance during rework and touch-up jobs.

A new feature of the ERSACAM is its specially designed flexible arm. Together with the ergonomic stand, it embodies the concept of stability plus flexibility. Stability ensures minimal vibrations in the system. Flexibility allows the operator to rapidly bring the camera-lens combination into nearly any position, without additional fixing or locking.

In the inspection of electronic assemblies, oblique viewing is often necessary for the desired access to problem area. The X-Y table also allows the user to move the inspection object under the inspection optic for maximum flexibility.

The ERSACAM system comes standard with ERSA IDView software. This visualization and documentation software adds the valuable features of digital zoom, mirroring or tilting of the live image, or saving a video as an AVI file of the inspection application.

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