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ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine

ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine

ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine


ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine


Selective Soldering

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ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine Description:

Modular Machine Platform For Highly Efficient & Flexible In-Line Soldering

ERSA, a world market leader for in-line selective soldering for the past decade, has successfully launched its third generation of selective machines, the VERSAFLOW 3 Series. Increasing production efficiency via increased throughput and flexibility while decreasing floor space requirements, make up just a few of the technology highlights of the VERSAFLOW 3.

Advantages of VERSAFLOW Technology:

  • Consistent LF solder joint quality & significant reduction of DPM down to near Zero Defect
  • Faster cycle times compared to hand and multi-axis, robotic soldering
  • Highest throughput on the market via true parallel processing - simultaneously flux, preheat & soldering
  • No component fixing required due to soldering at 0° and PCB is not moving during the soldering process
  • Perfect “No Clean” process and reduced flux consumption
  • Optimal Heavy mass multilayer soldering via top sideconvection heating during bottom side selective soldering

High Volume Selective Soldering with Dual Transport

The new VERSAFLOW 3/45 is the world's first in-line selective soldering machine with dual track transport and ERSA's proven single wave solder nozzle technology for highest flexibility and highest volume throughput for two each PCBs sized up to 508 mm x 204 mm (20" x 8").

Parallel processing of as many as 22 PCBs in the machine at one time!

With up to 4 individual single wave solder nozzles and 8 flux heads running simultaneously, the VERSAFLOW 3/45 boasts the world's fastest throughput.

Modular Machine Platform

The VERSAFLOW 3/45 encompasses a new modular machine platform which offers a floor space area savings of over 20% when compared to the previous VERSAFLOW machines. Additional solder pots, fluxers and/or pre-heat modules can be added to the machine after initial installation. Depending on the specific job requirement, pre-heat configuration or total length of the machine can be varied in order to ensure optimum efficiency and maximum workflow flexibility. Top side multijet convection heating technology extends the process flexibility for the pre-heating of high mass assemblies. Finally, the improved serviceability at front side of machine rounds off the added value of the new design.

Near Zero Defect Soldering

Where quality is paramount, manual soldering cannot guarantee the reproducible results achievable in an automated, wave soldering process. Where keeping operational costs to a minimum, however, conventional wave soldering may no longer be a viable alternative, especially in a lead free environment with the high costs of solder. The tremendous operational costs associated with increased maintenance and bath analysis, higher dross formation, triple the costs to fill the solder pot; shorter bath life due to copper accumulation, enormous nitrogen costs, and higher DPM and scrap rate might cause manufacturers to examine the possibility of switching from conventional wave soldering to a selective soldering process. The VERSAFLOW selective soldering process advantages of “Better, Faster, Cleaner & Cheaper” can translate not only into a tremendous increase in lead free soldering quality, but also into significant costs savings!

Best in Class - the VERSAFLOW Selective Solder Nozzle and Pot

The revolutionary design of the ERSA VERSAFLOW selective solder nozzle and pot offer a level of solder joint process control never before dreamed of in a production soldering process. All dynamic and static functions such as solder level, wave height, solder temperature, nitrogen blanket, and solder pump offset are not only programmable, but also continually monitored & traceable. The nearly maintenance-free, electromagnetically driven solder pump ensures a constant solder flow rate with no moving parts. Exact wave height is precisely adjustable for repeatable results.

VERSAFLOW guarantees perfect solder joint definition and reproducibility, as well as complete documentation of individual solder parameters. All of these unique features combine with the improved solder wave peel-off function to offer individually programmable process parameters per solder joint!

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