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ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine

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Manufacturer of Selective Soldering Systems, Ersascope BGA Inspection Systems, BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Irons, Wave Solder and Reflow Equipment.

Wertheim, Germany


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ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine

ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine


ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine


Selective Soldering

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kurtz ersa Corporation


ERSA VERSAFLOW 3/45, Selective Soldering Machine Description:

The worldwide leading selective system for a perfect selective soldering process

To satisfy all demands with regard to flexibility, Ersa has based the design of the third generation VERSAFLOW on a fully modular machine platform. A basic VERSAFLOW 3/45 consists of the customary flux, preheat and solder modules and a segmented conveyor system. Depending on the application and the required throughput, additional flux, and/or preheat and/or solder modules can be integrated. In the maximum configuration, a VERSAFLOW 3/45 can consist of up to 3 solder modules, with each module being fitted with 2 single wave solder baths. Upstream of each additional solder module, a preheater can be installed. As an alternative to the single wave solder pots, it is also possible to install a multiwave solder bath. In the preheat modules, as well as over the single wave solder baths, top-side preheater cassettes can optionally be fitted.

With an optional dual track, throughput can be doubled, without increasing the footprint of the system. And if the size of the PCB permits segmenting of the preheaters, a further increase in throughput can be achieved. When all the options are exhausted, and a maximum configured system is specified, then up to 22 PCBs can be processed at the same time in varying positions within the system.

The Ersa Modular-System
These combinations of the arrangement of different modules show only some of the possibilities of the extremely flexible Ersa modular system concept. Depending on a customer’s request, with the addition of the optional dual pot feature and/or the dual track feature, throughput could be substantially enhanced without increasing floor space requirements.


  • Working area: 16” x 20” (option 20” x 20”)
  • Single-wave soldering for higher flexibility or multiwave soldering for high-volume processes
  • Product changes without downtime even in multiwave processes
  • Parallel process due to the separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering
  • Operation of up to four spray heads
  • Up to five lower preheatings with optional upper convection heating
  • Perfect for the connection to assembly stands and periphery
  • Connection to traceability systems for process control

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