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ERSA ETS Compact Wave Soldering Machines

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Manufacturer of Selective Soldering Systems, Ersascope BGA Inspection Systems, BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Irons, Wave Solder and Reflow Equipment.

Wertheim, Germany


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ERSA ETS Compact Wave Soldering Machines

ERSA ETS Compact Wave Soldering Machines


ERSA ETS Compact Wave Soldering Machines


Wave Soldering

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kurtz ersa Corporation


ERSA ETS Compact Wave Soldering Machines Description:

The solution for small and medium-size series.

The compact wave soldering machines of the ETS series offer, together with customer low acquisition and operating costs, the best preconditions. Therefore, even small series of assembly units can be manufactured professionally and cost-effectively. Investing less money does not mean compromising the soldering process. For assembly unit conveying, the machines use the Ersa standard solder frames.

The fluxer is designed as a spray flux system and, in order to ensure repeatable processes, pre-heating offers temperature control and a programmable holding time of assembly units. In this way, despite construction-related short pre-heating, longer heating time is allowed.

The soldering module contains an enamelled steel solder pot, which, as an option, can be equipped with a second wave shaper.

ETS machines are operated via a 5.7" touch panel. The clear visualisation structure ensures intuitive and safe operation, making it easy to handle for all employees. The software can manage 99 soldering programmes and offers a weekly time switch and a solder frame counter. All unit conditions are clearly shown and the actual values of temperatures and speeds are displayed as plain text. Continuous monitoring of the machine and the recording of all necessary operating data ensure a safe and repeatable soldering process.

The conveyor system of the ETS 250 can process solder frames with a width of 250 mm. While the ETS 250 is designed for manual feeding, this can also be carried out automatically by the ETS 330 via an inline interface. The ETS 330 can also process solder frames with a width of 330 mm.

Thanks to a small investment, both machines allow a payback of initial costs in the shortest possible time, even in the event of low proceeds of the products to be manufactured.

ERSA ETS Models:

ETS 250

Ersa ETS 250

ERSA ETS 250 is the smallest wave soldering machines specifically designed for small and medium sized production lots of non-complex mixed technology assemblies.

ETS 330

Ersa ETS 330

The ERSA ETS 330 is a compact, in-line capable dual wave soldering system with frame conveyor, variable preheats and touch screen control with 99 solder programs.

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