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Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System

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Manufacturer of Selective Soldering Systems, Ersascope BGA Inspection Systems, BGA Rework Systems, Soldering Irons, Wave Solder and Reflow Equipment.

Wertheim, Germany


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Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System

Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System


Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System


Rework & Repair Equipment

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kurtz ersa Corporation


Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System Description:

The Ersa HR 500 Hybrid Rework System is the first choice for all common rework tasks on me­dium-sized SMD assemblies. The system is suit­able for desoldering, placing and soldering PLCC, QFP and BGA components as well as MLF com­ponents or bipolar elements up to an edge length of 1 x 1 mm.

Like all Ersa Hybrid Rework systems, the HR 500 is equipped with a powerful hybrid top heater and highly dynamic infrared heating elements in the bottom emitter (in two switchable zones).

The component alignment is carried out by means of fine drives and high-resolution camera images of the Visionbox. The component is set down al­most powerlessly with the aid of a stepper motor with fine switch-off. The device convinces overall by its intuitive operation and the flexibility in the Application

The HR 500 is prepared to accept an Ersa Dip & Print frame, the component printing with solder paste is done externally on the Ersa Dip & Print Station. The dip-in of a component into a flux de­pot is motor-driven. For process observation and documentation, the device can optionally be equipped with a powerful reflow process camera with LED illumination.

The HRSoft 2 operating software (for WindowsTM) supports the user in all work processes and doc­uments them. HRSoft 2 allows the connection of Ersa Rework devices to customer MES systems.


  • 900 W Hybrid high-performance heating element
  • Full-area 1,600 W IR bottom heater
  • High-resolution cameras for placement and process monitoring
  • Ergonomically optimal system operation
  • Modern, user-friendly operating software

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