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SMT Framed Metal Stencils

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BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our expertise is on BGA rework and QFN rework. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA

IPC Standards Certification Center, Repair/Rework, Service Provider, Soldering, Training Provider

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SMT Framed Metal Stencils Description:

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This is video shows how to print a PCB using a prototype foil only stencil.

SMT Framed Stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils designed to work on SMT printing machines. These laser cut stencils are permanently glued into a frame. These framed stencils are are designed for highly repeatable continuous operation in volume production. They are well-suited for volume production assembly, Shipment is 24 hours from approval of checkplot.

BEST framed SMT stencils provide for optimal solder paste volume control and can be used for fine pitch SMT printing.

Key features:

  • High quality nickel-stainless PHD material (much better than standard stainless steel in terms of its release properties) means smoother aperture walls and cleaner release characteristics
  • Clean Laser-Cut Apertures
  • Excellent Print Performance

View SMT Framed Metal Stencils on BEST Inc. website

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