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HotDots™ for Holding Jumper Wires in Place

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BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our expertise is on BGA rework and QFN rework. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center

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HotDots™ for Holding Jumper Wires in Place

HotDots™ for Holding Jumper Wires in Place


HotDots™ for Holding Jumper Wires in Place


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HotDots™ for Holding Jumper Wires in Place Description:

BEST HotDots™ are designed to simply and cleanly attach jumper wires on a board. HotDots™ are built to survive at high temperature as both the adhesive and the polyimide material are designed to withstand wash and reflow temperatures.

HotDots™ are a wire hold down method in which temperature-resistant pre-cut thin, adhesive-backed flexible film holds jumper wires in place. No messy adhesives or hard to use pre adhesive-coated wire. These precut “stickers” wrap around the wire holding it onto the PCB.

The HotDots™ securely hold wires in place even if exposed to cleaning chemicals. The materials are rated for high temperature use. While there are several standard sizes, new patterns can be custom-made quickly to your requirements by the design team at BEST.

BEST HotDots™ are a versatile, clean and effective method of attaching jumper wires and other elements of a PCB in place during the assembly process. HotDots™ are designed to “take the heat” as they are made from a polyimide film using an engineered high temperature adhesive system. This material combination has already been proven to stay in place during wave and reflow soldering processes and bakeout cyles as tens of thousands of rework stencils have been placed on boards using this material. The see through material allows you to be sure of your placement. 

HotDots™ are cut in to a variety of shapes (including custom configurations). Our standard sizes are as follows:

Circular: Butterfly:
4, 6.4, 8 and 10mm 4, 6.4, 8 and 10mm

Butterfly shapes hold the wire in the center cut out area and then “fan out” to the PCB surface giving the largest possible holding surface area. Round shapes can also be cut for the smallest possible footprint on the PCB.

The HotDot™ adhesive system is a semi permanent effective way to get the wires or other elements to stick to the board-wherever you need in the process. The HotDot™s are simply peeled back from the backing material and placed onto the PCB. Heat and/or pressure will activate the adhesive in order for the material to be adhered to the board. The result is a highly conformable, high strength bond.

Make sure the bonding surface is clean, free of oils and other contaminants in order to achieve the desired bond strength. It is recommended that prior to bonding if the surface Is suspected of contamination that it be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Avoid placing HotDot™ dots directly over exposed copper or plated surfaces.

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