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BEST offers professional rework, repair and prototype builds of PCBs. Our expertise is on BGA rework and QFN rework. Our experienced instructors teach professional soldering classes as we are an IPC certified training center

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Custom ESD Packaging for Electronics

Custom ESD Packaging for Electronics


Custom ESD Packaging for Electronics


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BEST Inc. can provide your custom foam cutting insert needs. Whether you have an anti-static (pink) closed or open foam packaging material or other kind of foam that needs to be cut-BEST Inc. can be your source. Once you have the materials in hand you drop ship them to us for cutting them out for your PCBs, electronic components or electronic devices. We will cut them out per your drawing or if you need the design and fabrication completed, we can do that as well. BEST Inc. will then ship them back to your designated location within a few days.

One of the materials used often in electronics packaging applications is closed cell anti-static foam. It is made from cross-linked urethane and it used most often as a cushioner for electronics packaging. In other cases this pink anti-static material is used to hold components. Many times it used in anti-vibration applications to prevent materials from “shifting around” during shipping and handling. This anti-static while protecting the parts mechanical because of the custom foam cut out, it simaltenously provides for a low triboelectric charging response due to being in contact with other neighboring materials and personnel during handling, assembly and shipment of the product. BEST Inc. can custom cut these materials for your usage.

Another material which is often used as an ESD-safe packaging material to safeguard the materials on the inside of the box is an antistatic ESD polyethylene (PE) foam. It, like the above described static dissipative ESD foam can be custom cut by BEST to provide custom made foam cut out shapes that are made of durable, lightweight “pink poly” or anti-static material. This ESD antistatic material is ideal for protecting and cushioning your electronic device, printed circuit boards or other sensitive electronics. This material will protect your devices as it has very good tear and puncture resistance. Not only do these custom cut out ESD –safe foams protect fragile items, but it also lends resilient support. It is an open cell construction.

These custom cut pieces of foam from BEST are the fastest way to protect your prototypes, engineering samples, Class 3 complicated assemblies prior to going in to production. Upon arrival of your files and associated order we can begin to manipulate the files, sending you back an approval check plot. Upon arrival we can simply cut out the custom patterns in the ESD antistatic foam to suit your needs. If you have the part and the shipper including foam inserts we can take the measurements, generate the approval file and take care of the rest. In this latter case there will be a charge for performing the design/CAD work.

Unlike many other custom foam suppliers, BEST understands that it’s role is to provide solutions quickly. We can be your resource for the first handful to the first hundred boards. Sometimes you cannot wait for the supplier to get the tool in to get the packaging looking and performing correctly. BEST custom cut ESD foam services can present a solution to you quickly. We can be the precision cutting source for your custom packaging needs whether it be for prototyping, low volume or beta production.

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