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GAM860 Repoint Machine

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GENITEC is a professional manufacturer of SMT equipment and PCB equipment in Taiwan. We have excellent R&D experience in this field over 20 years. Now, we are looking for partner, agent, and distributor all over the world.

Taichung, Taiwan


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GAM860 Repoint Machine

GAM860 Repoint Machine


GAM860 Repoint Machine



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  • Suitable for SMT's small diameter of drill,to do the second grind.
  • Just need to fit in an opposite for one time,and operator could grind.
  • When the grind has finished,the press-plate will raise by itself,and it's convenient for operator.
  • There are the cross-fit-Microscope and point of drill Inspection Microscope enclosed on machine,especially in inspect drill.
  • The power is for AC11V/AC220V.
  • The dust collecting mechanism,could improve the question of dust.

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