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Advanced Traceability - Cogiscan's TTC System

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An electronic manufacturing services and solutions provider. Capabilities include BGA, Micro-BGA, Surface Mount or Through-Hole Technology assembly.

Saline, Michigan, USA

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Advanced Traceability - Cogiscan's TTC System

Advanced Traceability - Cogiscan's TTC System


Advanced Traceability - Cogiscan's TTC System


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Saline Lectronics, Inc


Advanced Traceability - Cogiscan's TTC System Description:

In April 2014, Saline Lectronics partnered with Cogiscan to implement their innovative Track, Trace and Control System. This new system will allow us to offer customers detailed end-to-end traceability of product flow at every step of the manufacturing process.

This TTC System provides visibility and verification of materials and product status – showcasing real-time data of work-in-progress, implementing a check and balance alert system to remove human error, and offering a history of component lifecycle and traceability in the event of a recall.  Basically giving you enhanced visibility of your PCB assembly throughout our entire plant.

Currently installed on 2 Juki hi-speed surface mount lines, 5 automated optical inspection machines, repair cells, as well as hand assembly  and test stations, the TTC System tracks every component that is used on your circuit board assembly.  Tracked by the unique serial number on each PCB assembly, this system records every component required for a product including the PCBA plus each individual electronic component.  This system gives us detailed traceability directly to the reference designator on each circuit board assembly.  In addition, the TTC system is tracking the operator at each process station, how much time spent at each cell, and the actual work performed.

Beyond component traceability, this new system also offers real-time information with WIP reports.  These WIP reports will provide live data regarding the progression of an assembly through the manufacturing process – giving you an accurate picture of when to expect product on your dock.

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