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PROMATION SMT Bare Board Loader

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PROMATION offers automated solution in many key SMT and Backend Assembly areas: PCB handling systems, robotic soldering systems, laser marking, collaborative robots, AMRs and fleet mapping, and work bench/work flow solutions.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

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PROMATION SMT Bare Board Loader

PROMATION SMT Bare Board Loader


PROMATION SMT Bare Board Loader


Board Handling - Conveyors

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PROMATION SMT Bare Board Loader Description:

PROMATION offers two different styles of bare board handling systems.

The ESV style bare board loading station holds stacks of PCBs (up to 160 pieces) for line loading. The vacuum head lowers to pick PCBs (from the stack) than raises up and places the PCB onto a 3 mm edge belt (for transport).  SMEMA is enabled for machine to machine transport.

The ESD style loading station is a top loading, drop style PCB de-stacker. This station is capable of holding up to 80 PCBs (at 1.6 mm thickness), and mechanically separating the PCBs, placing them onto a 3 mm edge belt for transport.

Both stations are also equipped with a Pass Through mode. This allows the station to be placed after a Magazine Line Loader for 2nd side production.

Note: The vacuum style system may be reconfigured to accept PCBs and re-stack them into a pile.


  • Programmable logic controller with “One Touch” button control panel (both stations)
  • AC drive motor with fixed belt speed (both stations)
  • Indexing elevator platform with product height sensing/adjusting (EVP station)
  • Mechanical separator for destacking station (ESD)
  • Hand dial for width adjusting (EVP model)
  • Retractable hand crank for width adjusting (ESD style machine)
  • Vacuum pick up system with adjustable cups (ESV model only)
  • Audible alarm, 3 color light tower & ESD ground port (both stations)
  • Dual E-Stops and single Reset (both stations)
  • Easy Roll wheels w/leveling feet +/- 30 mm (both stations)

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 mm edge contact
  • Pass through selectable (both stations)
  • Minimum PCB thickness 1 mm (0.045”)
  • Maximum PCB weight 1.8kg (5 lbs)
  • Voltage (USA = 110v) or (220 v optional)
  • Power consumption: 80 – 86 watts 1A
  • Top side clearance 30 mm (1.1”)
  • Bottom side clearance 30 mm (1.1”)
  • Look up product sensing (adjustable focal detection)
  • Rail to floor height (950 mm) 37.4” or (900 mm) 35.4”

Available Options:

  • touch panel
  • optional 20 PCB preset width (ASD only)
  • variable speed
  • automatic width adjustment

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