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ATRON® DC - Conformal Coating Remover

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The globally leading provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

Manassas, Virginia, USA

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ATRON® DC - Conformal Coating Remover

ATRON® DC - Conformal Coating Remover


ATRON® DC - Conformal Coating Remover


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ZESTRON Americas


ATRON® DC - Conformal Coating Remover Description:

World’s first water-based cleaning agent for the removal of conformal coating material from pallets, fixtures, and tools

ATRON® DC is engineered specifically for maximum decoating power while prioritizing the highest level of operator safety. It is a water-based, pH neutral cleaning agent that reliably removes acrylic, urethane, epoxy, and some silicone conformal coating materials from pallets, fixtures, and tools. ATRON® DC can be used in all types maintenance cleaning equipment, but is especially effective in dip tank and ultrasonic processes.

Advantages of using ATRON® DC:

  • Water-based, non-hazardous formulation

  • High operator safety – use of aggressive stripping chemistries is not necessary anymore

  • Strong decoating performance

  • Heat can be applied to the cleaning process since ATRON® DC is not solvent based

  • Reduces the need for manual rework

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