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ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent

ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent

ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent


ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent


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ATRON® AC 207 Defluxing Agent Description:

ZESTRON FAST® (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology) Technology

ATRON® AC 207 is a FAST® Technology-based cleaning agent specifically designed to operate at low concentration levels. The product was developed to improve the cleaning performance and bath life of traditional surfactant-based cleaners and is particularly gentle on sensitive metals. ATRON® AC 207 can be used in processes with high and medium pressure in inline as well as batch cleaning systems.

Specifically designed to be used in spray-in-air batch and inline processes, the cleaning performance of ATRON® AC 207 was assessed during extensive cleaning trials performed at ZESTRON's Technical Centers as well as during extensive material compatibility tests and cleaning evaluations in military manufacturer cleaning processes.

It was confirmed that ATRON® AC 207 offers exceptional levels of material compatibility on sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass, nickel and others while maintaining the industry leading cleaning performance expected from a FAST® Technology product at concentrations as low as 5%!

Advantages compared to other surfactant cleaners:

  • Mild formulation and low operating concentrations demonstrate a superior level of material compatibility.
  • Excellent cleaning performance, even at low concentrations and temperatures.
  • Allows for a quicker removal of a variety of the latest lead-free and eutectic flux residues.
  • Exceptionally longer bath life - 3 to 10 times - than traditional surfactant-based cleaners.
  • Gentle formula leaves solder joints shiny and bright, no dulling to be expected.
  • The cleaning agent is water-based and biodegradable with a minimum shelf life of 5 years if stored in factory sealed containers.

About FAST® Technology

"Fast Acting Surfactant Technology" (FAST®) is an innovative surfactant-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. FAST® Technology based cleaning agents are a proprietary mix of newly developed surfactants, which allows for a quicker removal of a wide variety of the latest lead-free and leaded flux residues.

This new technology features shorter and more agile surfactant structures (each active ingredient has a short tail and multiple hydrophobic branches) enabling quick removal of flux residues while increasing the reliability and reproducibility of your cleaning results. When compared to traditional surfactant-based cleaning agents, this new technology provides much shorter contact times and requires reduced amount of active ingredients for the complete removal of contaminants. This in turn ensures a longer bath life associated with less process and maintenance costs. FAST® Technology's solid-free formula leaves no residues, neither on the substrates surface nor within the equipment.

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