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VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent

VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent

VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent


VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent


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VIGON® N 600 – PH-Neutral Defluxing Agent Description:

Water-based, pH-neutral defluxing agent

Based on the MPC® Technology, ZESTRON’s latest pH-neutral cleaning agent has been specifically developed for use at low operating concentrations in spray-in-air inline and batch cleaning applications.

VIGON® N 600 is an innovative defluxing product with a revolutionary pH-neutral formulation. Its excellent cleaning performance and ability to remove a wide range of flux residues under pH-neutral conditions is unprecedented. Due to its neutral pH-value, the cleaning agent also demonstrates a high level of material compatibility with sensitive metals and polymers.

Key Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Due to its neutral pH-value, VIGON® N 600 demonstrates an unprecedented level of material compatibility on sensitive materials such as aluminum, brass or nickel, plastics, labels and inks
  • Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes
  • Good results underneath low standoff components
  • Increased wire bonding/molding quality for power modules, leadframe-based discrete components and Power LEDs
  • Due to the neutrality of the cleaning agent, the permission for sewage disposal is easier to obtain

Key Benefits:

  • pH-neutral
  • Water-based and biodegradable
  • Excellent compatibility with sensitive substrate materials
  • Exceptional ability to clean underneath low standoff components
  • Costly wastewater neutralization not required
  • HMIS rating 0-0-0


  • VIGON® N 600 is available as a concentrate in 1l bottles, 5l or 25l containers and 200l drums.
  • Store VIGON® N 600 in the original container at a temperature between 5 - 30°C / 41 - 86°F.
  • The product has a minimum shelf life of 5 years in factory sealed containers.

About MPC® Technology

MPC® stands for Micro Phase Cleaning and is a water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON. Aspects of this Technology are internationally patented.

The unique feature of MPC® Technology is, that it combines the advantages of  traditional solvents and surfactants  without their drawbacks.

Advantages of MPC® Technology

MPC® cleaners are characterized by a wide process window. The combination of polar and non-polar compounds allow MPC® cleaning agents to  clean various organic and inorganic residues.

Further advantages of MPC® cleaners:

  • Water based: non-flammable
  • Extremely  low VOC content:  particularly environmentally friendly
  • Highly filterable: very cost-effective surfactant free: no surfactant residues on the surfaces
  • Excellent material compatibility

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