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VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's

VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's

VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's


VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's


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VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's Description:

VIGON US is a water-based medium specifically developed for the use in ultrasonic, spray-under-immersion and centrifugal cleaning equipment. Based on MPC Technology, VIGON US removes all types of flux residues from electronic assemblies, ceramic hybrids and lead frames.

Areas of application: PCB’s, ceramic hybrids, power modules, lead frames

Recommended for:

  • Low solid flux residues
  • Rosin-based flux residues
  • Water soluble flux residues
  • Solder pastes (unsoldered)
  • Misprinted thick film pastes

Advantages compared to other cleaners:

  • Due to its wide process window VIGON® US easily removes flux residues and solder pastes.
  • VIGON® US has no flash point and does not require explosion proof equipment.
  • The cleaning medium was specifically designed for the use in dip tank systems.
  • Due to its formulation, VIGON® US can be easily rinsed without leaving residues on the surface and provides low ionic contamination of cleaned parts.
  • Its high bath loading capacity ensures an extended bath life, low maintenance and reduced cleaning agent costs.
  • VIGON® US works exceptionally well for the cleaning in capillary spaces and is also suitable for cleaning under low standoff components.
  • Low odor.

VIGON® US is approved by leading international cleaning equipment manufacturers. Written approvals can be obtained from ZESTRON.

Filter recommendation:

  • To take full advantage of the MPC® technology and further extend the bath life of VIGON® US, filtration is recommended.
  • For details, please request our “Filter Recommendation” sheet.

Environmental and health and safety regulations:

  • VIGON® US is formulated free of any halogenated compounds and is environmentally friendly.
  • Refer to the MSDS for specific handling precautions and instructions.


  • VIGON US is available as concentrate solution in 1l bottles, 5l or 25l containers and 200l drums.
  • Store VIGON US in the original container at a temperature between 5 - 30°C / 41 - 86°F.
  • The product has a minimum shelf life of 5 years in factory sealed containers.

Alternative product recommendation:

  • For application in spray-in-air systems such as inline and batch equipment, we recommend the MPC® based cleaner VIGONA 201.

Cleaning standards:

  • Electronic assemblies cleaned with VIGON® US in a ZESTRON specified process meet the following industry standards:
  • IPC-A-610 Visual cleanliness
  • J-STD 001 Ionic and resin cleanliness
  • IPC-TM 650 and DIN 32513 (surface resistance)
  • J-STD 003 Solderability

View VIGON® US - Flux Removal Agent for PCB's

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