manufacture copy Fuji CP6/CP7 feeders and feeder parts with superior quality and favourable prices;supply SMTspare parts,nozzles;Feeder Calibration Machine,etc.

We are a well-recognized Singapore-based company dealing with the developing and manufacturing of SMT feeder and spare parts, with Sales and Service Centers in Hong Kong and all over China.

The products and services, which we are involved with, include:

—Fabricating FUJI CP43, CP6, CP7 W8P2 and W8P4 Paper type/Emboss type feeders

—All above feeders parts, such as tape guide, reel, sprocket, spring, stopper, pin …

—Feeder calibration Jig for FUJI, PANASERT, YAMAHA, JUKI…

—Manufacturing various types of SMT Nozzles;

—Customization of part fabrication.

—Trading of second-hand SMT FUJI machine.

Global manufacturing solutions provider

ICT Total SMT line Provider