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Z-Con Connector

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custom manufacturer of miniature electronic connectors based on fine line flex circuitry with 0,025mm conductors on 0,05mm pitch.

Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA

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Z-Con Connector

Z-Con Connector


Z-Con Connector

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Z-Axis Connector Company


Z-Con Connector Description:

Z-Con Assemblies are made with Z-Axis Connector Elements inserted into standard or custom housing shells. They are the equivalent of traditional mechanical connectors and are available in single or multiple slot configurations or arrays. Using Stereo Lithographic Rapid Prototyping Techniques, custom shells for low cost prototypes can be provided in days. Simple molded slot housings can be production tooled for under $3500US.


  • Solderless
  • High-Density
  • One Piece
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Low and Stable Resistance
  • Field Replaceable
  • Mixed Signal-Power Contacts


  • Wire Metallurgy
  • Wire Size and Pitch
  • Outline Dimensions and Tolerances
  • Rubber Core

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