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Z-Carbon LCD Connector

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custom manufacturer of miniature electronic connectors based on fine line flex circuitry with 0,025mm conductors on 0,05mm pitch.

Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA

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Z-Carbon LCD Connector

Z-Carbon LCD Connector


Z-Carbon LCD Connector

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Z-Axis Connector Company


Z-Carbon LCD Connector Description:

LCD Connectors are an industry standard for liquid crystal displays.

Z-Carbon LCD Connectors consist of carbon-impregnated layers of silicone rubber separated by non-conductive silicone layers.

When mated and clamped between the LCD glass and PCB, Z-Carbon LCD Connectors provide a robust and reliable connection.

Due to the silicone construction of Z-Carbon LCD Connectors, they conform to the contact surfaces of the mating substrates to create a gasket-like seal that withstands environmental conditions.

In addition, the elasticity of Z-Carbon LCD Connectors provides superior performance in applications that require resilience to shock and vibration.

The use of zero insertion force LCD connectors requires that line centers match on connected surfaces.The connection densities of 100, 140 and 250 connections per inch of LCD connectors provides redundant contact in most applications. This fine line spacing also reduces the potential for shorting adjacent contacts.

These low-cost connectors are available in custom sizes to accommodate the specific needs of your application.

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