F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Industrial framing using high-quality 80/20 aluminum extrusion. Custom designs or buy profiles and components to build yourself. Full CAD design, machine shop, assembly, delivery and installation. Serving SW US for 12+ years.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Assembly, Design, Turnkey, Distributor

Simplify your design and fabrication processes with the "Industrial Erector Set" �. F & L Industrial Solutions, Inc. can provide all or part of everything you need to complete a project - from project evaluation, to design, to supplying CAD drawings with a materials list and assembly assistance.

We have inventory in stock in San Diego, California, including, but not limited to:

  • T-slotted aluminum extrusions

  • conveyor belts

  • bearings>

  • motors

  • pneumatic/hydraulic accessories

  • electrical switches and related hardware

  • motors, gears, bearings, hose and fittings, casters, belts, fasteners, and shelving

Let us show you how the 80/20 aluminum framing system works - request a visit from our demo van today - our demonstration tools display a variety of products, showcase several application ideas and allow you to have a hands-on with our extruded aluminum and other project construction materials.

KIC SPS Smart SMT Reflow Oven Profiler