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BarTector - Component Verification System

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BarTector - Component Verification System

BarTector - Component Verification System


BarTector - Component Verification System


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Accu-Assembly Inc.


BarTector - Component Verification System Description:

Component verification system to prevent loading of wrong part number to the placement machine.

We are the first in the industry to introduce component verification concept 10 years ago and continue to be the leader in this area. Our concept of open system allows users to customize data reporting or integrate with users' own MES or MRP Systems.


BarTector is the first to use the Reel ID concept in component verification and inventory control. Each reel of component is assigned a unique reel ID similar to licence plate for automobile. Component quantity is automatically deducted from each reel as the placement machine dispenses component from the reel.


Automatic component to board traceability to associate component information such as Lot Code, Date Code and Supplier to individual Printed Circuit Board. Extensive experience in large scale traceability application.


BarTector is the first in the industry to introduce the concept of component verification over 10 years ago. Now BarTector support both SMT and Through Hole equipment with our patented verification process. We are the expert in applying verification in a multi-machine vendor environment. Our track record can be 'verified' by our many successful implementations

Feeder Maintenance

Every feeder in BarTector has a unique ID. The usage of the feeder is logged automatically as the feeder is being mounted onto the placement machine.

Other Features

Approval Vendor List (AVL) Any reel in the system with a disapproved Lot code and/or date code is not allowed to mounted onto the placement machine. The implementation is global and near real time

Part Number Substitution Allow alternate part number to be used

Production Set-up Uses machine program for offline setup

Feeder and Reel Location Tracking Scanning utilities to track feeder and reel location

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