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HumiTel™ - MSD Control System

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HumiTel™ - MSD Control System

HumiTel™ - MSD Control System


HumiTel™ - MSD Control System


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HumiTel™ - MSD Control System Description:

HumiTel™ is a full suite of hardware and software solutions designed for the control of Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD). Our expertise in machine control make our product the most robust MSD control product in the industry.

How HumiTel™ Works

The HumiTel™ product is a simple humidity data logger specifically designed for MSD management. The user simply attaches the HumiTel™ to the reel or trays of MSDs when the MSD is removed from the incoming moisture barrier bag. The HumiTel™ records the ambient relative humidity and temperature at a preset time interval, thereby providing a full history of the MSD's moisture exposure. Prior to placing the part onto the printed circuit, the moisture exposure history of the MSD is read and the MSD PASS/FAIL is then determined by a specification such as the JDEC JTD-033A.

MSD Control Software

Automated MSD control software using barcode with client and server software to replace MSD tracking by hand written note on label. Compliant with J-STD-033B. Sensor is used to sense ambience humidity and temperature to correctly derate floor life of MSD. All transactions are logged for process traceability. Option to use BarTector or Optional hardware to stop placement machine from placing component with expired floor life.

MSD Shipping Monitor

HumiTel sensor can be used to positively determine that the desiccant is effective inside the Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB). Just seal the HumiTel senor inside the MBB with the MSD and read the Relative Humidity and Temperature inside the MBB with the HumiTel RF Receiver. The HumiTel sensor is also a great tool for reliable transportation high liability, high cost MSD component. User can verify Humidity and Temperature inside the MBB anytime during the transport. HumiTel sensor also has internal data logger that can log 20,000 data points at a predetermined time interval.

Dry Environment Monitor

Humidity sensor with RF capability for remote sensing. The Sensor transmitter can be placed inside the dry box or anywhere within 150 feet (45 meters) line of sight. Transmits humidity and temperature at pre-determinded interval. Receiver can recieve transmission from multiple sensor transmitters.

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