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Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets

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Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets

Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets


Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets


Board Handling - Storage

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Accu-Assembly Inc.


Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets Description:

Dr. Storage offers the most diverse selection of Dry Cabinets in the industry. The latest Dr. Storage cabinets include cabinets drying at 1% RH, drying at less than 1% RH and baking at 60°C. Cabinets are plug and play so they are up and running easily and quickly.

All Dr. Storage dry cabinets offer built-in data collection capabilities and optional data networks for collecting cabinet data and alarms to the central location.

Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets offer ultra-low humidity storage technology to comply with J-STD-033B and include the best drying, storage and monitoring performance for MSD packages. Dr. Storage cabinets eliminate costly disasters like ‘popcorning’ in moisture sensitive devices, (MSDs). Trays and reels of MSDs can be safely stored in these low-humidity cabinets for extended periods of time in a humidity controlled environment of 5% RH or less.

All Dr. Storage models come standard with digital controls for setting the desired RH level, 2 or more high efficiency turbo drying modules for fast drying with automatic regeneration, RS232 serial port for data recording, data recording management software, antistatic paint package, locking wheels, locking doors for security, adjustable shelves, and an automatic alarm light. All cabinets are constructed in Taiwan and are made from high quality parts including rigid steel frames for strength and durability.

Additional optional features include a data logger which transmits information to the data reader and to the computer which runs the management software, Quick Dry Nitrogen modules which add positive internal pressure using nitrogen. Nitrogen equipped modules can be Used alone or can be paired with Turbo dryers in order to reduce the amount of nitrogen used.

Dr. Storage Dry Cabinets are perfect for any of the following uses:

  • Safe storage for MSD parts levels 2 through 5a
  • Preventing oxidation of PCBs while waiting for reverse side mounting.
  • Dry storage for moisture-absorbing materials, (powders, chemicals, adhesives)
  • Storing electronic components to prevent oxidation
  • Dry and safe storage of film and other materials used in PCB manufacturing

Dr. Storage offers a full line of dry boxes to meet your MSD storage needs.

  • Ultra low humidity boxes for storage that meets and exceeds the requirement of J-STD-033B
  • Baking dry boxes with 40 deg C baking and less that 5% RH
  • New improved baking dry boxes with low temperature baking, ultra low humidity storage, high resolution digital display, automatic data collection, choice of four models.

Available Dry Storage Cabinets

  • X2M Cabinets
  • SDL Economy Cabinets
  • T40W Baking Dry Cabinets
  • Heavy Duty Baking Ovens

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