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Since its establishment in 1989, ESE has been professionally developing and producing a wide variety of special components for Semiconductor assembly equipment and SMT Chip Mounting mach

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

We are looking for a local distributor who can promote, sell and service for reliable & high speed screen printer.

 By providing high quality products and dedicated services to customer, we have contributed a lot of cost reduction and quality improvement to our domestic and foreign customers.

Recently ESE has extended their products range from Head Unit for Chip Mounting Machine to special type of Calibration Jig for Component Feeding Machine. Especially we have developed very high standard pick-up nozzles for Panasonic and Sanyo machines. This nozzle has a 'Crown Tip' made by Artificial Diamond. This nozzle diamond crowned on the Tip performs excellent job. We can see the increase of durability and improve of recognition of the parts. In the result of this improvement, we've got the approval of the nozzles from NOKIA Korea after more than 1 year's trial test.

ESE also produces the multi-purpose nozzles for different applications. Our engineering team can deliver any kinds of customised parts to the customer within very short delivery lead time.

Not only to have a strong engineering capability but also ESE has a strong marketing team.

Marketing Headquarters is located in Incheon City, Korea and 17 overseas branch offices are on operational through out the world. They cover in USA (East and West), Europe and Asia.

Now we have many 'blue chip' companies like as NOKIA, SAMSUNG, LG, HYUNDAE Electronics, SAMBO Computer and many others as our valuable customers for many years. We've got a good reputation from those key customers and we are very proud of supporting the best quality products with excellent service and competitive price.

Having all the staff, including the president of the company as an engineer, it brings close relation between the staff and also it makes the company always being the market leader in terms of technology, service and price.

We will spend more than 13 % of total sales turnover to R & D Investment and will strive all our effort to provide high quality products at very competitive price to the customers. Always ESE will try to be a good partner to grow together with our customers and will contribute to their success.

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