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EVS Solder Recovery Systems

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World Leaders in Solder Recovery.

Cowes, United Kingdom

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  • Phone 44 7989 575766

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EVS Solder Recovery Systems

EVS Solder Recovery Systems


EVS Solder Recovery Systems


Wave Soldering

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EVS International


EVS Solder Recovery Systems Description:

Solder Recovery System Turns Dross into Dollars.

The Solder Recovery System enables PCB manufacturers to recycle solder onsite directly from their wave solder machines. The EVS by Sono-Tek solder recycling system saves up to 50% in solder costs in the wave soldering process.

EVS Solder Dross Recycling System Benefits:

  • Reduces dedrossing time by up to 85%
  • Rapid payback on its purchase price within months, not years
  • Recovers up to 75% on average pure solder by weight from solder dross, customers reduce the usage of solder in the wave soldering process by 50%
  • Lead-free compatible
  • Low running costs: only a single-phase socket and a standard airline
  • Self-contained process avoids excessive handling of heavy, dirty dross, and a massive reduction in storage and transportation
  • Operates with an integral filtration system– filtering smells and fumes
  • Uses no chemicals, radiation, additives or other toxic substances
  • Reduces dross off site by up to 80%, recovering waste material on site at the point of manufacture, helping the environment

The Process: The EVS Solder Dross Recycling System’s patented process uses heat and pressure inside a magnetized cylinder to separate and return your pure solder into the ingot tray. The remainder of the material is automatically ejected down a sealed chute into the dross bucket.

Facts: Hundreds of solder analyses prove that the recovered solder is exactly the same specification as the solder in your solder pot. This has been documented by the solder manufacturers and confirmed by the International Tin Research Council.

Support:  EVS is supported by Sono-Tek directly for systems in the US and Canada - giving the same level of support and technical expertise to the EVS as we are known for in spray fluxing.

Capacities from 3kg/11lbs to 20kg/44lbs

Offering capacities of 5kg/11lbs (EVS 1500) 3kg/6lbs (EVS 1500LF), 10kg/20lbs (EVS 8K), 6kg/12lbs (EVS 8KLF) or up to 20kg/44lbs (EVS 10K) 12kg/24lbs (EVS 10KLF), the new EVS has (in most cases) the facility for single operation dedrossing of even the largest wave soldering machines. Its large integrated hopper makes rapid transfer of dross both simpler and safer and speeds up De-drossing time by up to 50%.

Lead and Lead Free:

Each model of EVS Solder Recovery System has a Lead and Lead Free version. EVS 1500, EVS 1500LF, EVS 8K, EVS 8KLF, EVS 10K and EVS 10KLF.

Unique Patented System

The process used by the new EVS is unique to EVS International. and protected world-wide by established and pending patents. Simple in concept but revolutionary in its effect it breaks new ground in the efficient regeneration of waste in a shop floor environment.

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