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Teradyne Design-to-Build (D2B) Software

Teradyne Design-to-Build (D2B) Software

Teradyne Design-to-Build (D2B) Software


Teradyne Design-to-Build (D2B) Software



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Teradyne is a leading supplier of Automatic Test Equipment used to test semiconductors, wireless products, data storage and complex electronic systems which serve consumer, communications, industrial and government customers.

North Reading, Massachusetts, USA

Inspection, Test Services

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Teradyne Design-to-Build (D2B) Software Description:

Software that Optimize PCBA Test and Inspection Efficiencies.

The unique capabilities of Teradyne's D2B software enable EMS and OEM manufacturers and partners to interconnect their global enterprises to optimize printed circuit board assembly test and inspection efficiencies early in the manufacturing / build cycle. D2B is a powerful suite of solutions that provides a standards-based architecture that supports GenCAM and ODB++ file formats enabling electronic manufacturers to outperform their competition, maximize profitability, and get to market first.

D2B Viewer is Available for Use on Windows 7 Operating Systems

D2B Viewer includes a powerful graphical viewer for displaying and navigating GenCAM, GenCAD, and D2B project files. Components, signals, and test probes may all be located and displayed with their associated properties.

D2B Viewer makes it easier to:

  • View important physical and schematic board data
  • Share CAD data between groups using a common tool
  • Diagnose and repair boards

Increase Efficiency of Test & Inspection Program Preparation and CAD Translation

D2B Alchemist software accurately generates all of the information required to execute the increasingly complex manufacturing test, inspection and repair processes required by today's electronics manufacturers. D2B Alchemist includes a Probe Placement solution that analyzes the printed circuit board design for in-circuit test access and automatically assigns test probes to board nets.

One Tool to Quickly View Physical and Schematic Design Data

D2B DesignView software helps test engineers and users in manufacturing by enabling them to quickly view and navigate both physical and logical design data, thus eliminating tedious and error-prone information retrieval processes.

Identifies Difference Between Revisions of the Same Printed Circuit Assembly

D2B ECO allows users to compare two revisions of a PCB assembly, performing checks for added, removed, or modified components.

Test & Inspection Strategy Management Software

D2B Strategist allows manufacturers to develop optimized test strategies based on existing or proposed test and inspection systems. It is the ideal tool to identify the right amount of test, at the right cost, while producing the highest yield.

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