SEICA offers innovative ATE solutions which range from Bare Board Test, Flying Probe Systems, In-Circuit and Combi Test to Functional Test.

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Founded in 1986 in Strambino, a small town located in the Canavese district of Italy (long noted for its high concentration of electronic and information technology companies), SEICA has eprogressed from developing its first in-circuit Test  system for the domestic electronics industry to become a world leader in Flying Probe and functional test systems. Today Seica is one of the major suppliers of test equipment, with more than 1000 systems installed on five continents.

Over the years the Company has grown up, and now has subsidiaries in France (2000), the United States (2003), China (2004) and Germany (2008), with a global distribution network covering market needs worldwide.

Research and implementation of new technologies

From the beginning Seica has led in innovation, researching and implementing new technologies. In 1994, SEICA was the first European Company to design and manufacture a Flying Probe tester, and in 2003 presented a revolutionary, laser-based selective soldering solution.

Product development

The research in new technologies is promptly applied in the development of new products, allowing Seica to offer a widely diverse and flexible portfolio of products. The company, in fact, has 5 different product lines:

  • Pilot Line: flying probe test systems
  • Valid Line: high performance functional test systems
  • BBT Line: Bare board test systems
  • Compact Line: In-circuit and functional test systems
  • Firefly Line: Laser selective soldering systems

Solutions and systems integrated in a unique  platform

All SEICA products are based on its unique hardware and software platform, called VIVA Integrated Platform (VIP). The VIVA software offers a complete set of automated instruments to develop, execute and maintain in-circuit and functional test  programs for analog, digital and hybrid boards and the VIP hardware includes integrated, DSP technology, delivering  fast, accurate, comprehensive solutions which are extremely cost effective.


Seica’s R&D Team often cooperates with researchers from univerisites such as the Politecnico of Torino to compare its technologies with the latest in engineering innovation.

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RAPID 270 Bare Board Tester

The RAPID Testers Line is a complete test solution for the printed circuit board world wide market. High Speed High Accuracy User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) Low Maint...

Test Equipment

RAPID 270 Bare Board Tester

COMPACT In-cuircuit Tester

The new COMPACT Line collects the inheritance and success of the historic line of SEICA in-circuit and functional testers, designed meeting the requirements of the so called “lean production”, with a specific attention to the requir...

Test Equipment

COMPACT In-cuircuit Tester

Firefly Laser Selective Soldering System

Firefly is the selective soldering solution that has been developed to satisfy the ever growing need of modern electronics manufacturing for maximum flexibility, and to address the particular problems related to the introduction of the new lead-fr...

Selective Soldering

Firefly Laser Selective Soldering System

Pilot V8 Double-sided Flying Prober

The Pilot V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology, and is the complete solution for those who want maximum performance: the highest test speed, test coverage and flexibility, whether they are testing p...

Test Equipment

Pilot V8 Double-sided Flying Prober

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FlyScan: Wenn eins plus eins mehr als zwei ist

May 24, 2010 | Bernd Hauptmann – Sales Manager Seica Deutschland GmbH

Die echte Integration zwischen ATE Flying Prober und Boundary Scan Tester, vorgestellt von Seica, kombiniert das Beste von beiden Testtechniken und multipliziert die Vorteile für den Anwender....

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January 25-27, San Diego, CA – Booth 1100

Jan 29, 2022 | Once again, customers looking for leading-edge test solutions can come to Seica's booth 1100 and view the future of Flying Probe test in the form of the new PILOT VX platform. Fast, Powerful and Smart: the Pilot VX raises the bar of flying probe test performance, with cutting-edge solutions that address the fundamental concerns of electronic board manufacturers looking to optimize their investment.

January 25-27, San Diego, CA – Booth 1100

Jan 10, 2022 | Once again, customers looking for leading-edge test solutions can come to Seica's booth 1100 and view the future of Flying Probe test in the form of the new PILOT VX platform. Fast, Powerful and Smart: the Pilot VX raises the bar of flying probe test performance, with cutting-edge solutions that address the fundamental concerns of electronic board manufacturers looking to optimize their investment.

Preview Seica SMTA International show in Minneapolis, November 1-4

Oct 07, 2021 | Seica will be exhibiting at the SMTA International show in Minneapolis, MN on November 1-4, 2021 in booth 3432. On display will be our flagship Pilot V8, undoubtedly the most extensive flying probing test platform on the market. This system will be demonstrating full In-circuit testing as well as on-board programming, using Seica's innovative Device Clip programmer and integrated Flypod option, which ensures quick, reliable connection to any connector or programmable device on the DUT. To enhance test coverage where traditional ICT test methods may not be used, the Flypod can also provide access to the DUT for 3rd party Boundary Scan test solutions, to perform cluster tests and run BSD files. The system on display will also showcase its power up test capability, which enables many additional test techniques to be applied, such as LED testing. In addition, Seica's QuickTest software environment allows the user to easily generate and incorporate functional test routines within full ICT test programs.

The Battery Show North America September 14-16 Novi, Michigan – Booth 3036

Aug 20, 2021 | Don't miss Seica's Pilot Battery Tester (PILOT BT) demonstration at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, September 14-16, in booth 3036! Seica will demonstrate the testing of battery cells in an inline test configuration with its Pilot BT. With its impressive parallel testing architecture, the Pilot BT can test 16 cells simultaneously to readily meet the throughput requirements of very high-volume production environments with an incredible test rate. The standard system configuration includes a pass-through conveyance by Bosch, but it can also be configured with unique customer conveyance solutions integrated into completely automated lines. The Pilot BT offers a very large test area (1050 x 865 mm) not only enabling it to handle the many battery configurations currently on the market, but the capacity to manage the configurations of the future. The Pilot BT is equipped with high-definition cameras and laser sensor to ensure proper fiducial recognition of the battery and terminal plates for proper battery placement inside the test area. No matter the battery technology, type, size or shape, Seica has a solution for high production, reliable, and repeatable test.

Full Probe Card Test

Jul 15, 2021 | The latest fixtureless technology available for production and validation testing the most challenging Probe Cards

Seica announces new webinar

Jun 04, 2021 | Flying Probe test: 5 good reasons to invest. Save the date June 10 and select your preferred time.

Big Boards Matter


Semi Test Flex Conference Expo on February 22-26, 2021

Feb 18, 2021 | In this abstract, we will explore testing methodologies relevant to the new age of flexible circuits for 2021.

Seica, Inc. participation at SMTA International Live Virtual Exposition: September 28 - 30, 2020

Sep 06, 2020 | Seica, Inc., the North American subsidiary of Seica S.p.A., will be exhibiting at the SMTA International, Live Virtual Exposition to be held on September 28 – 30, 2020. This will be a virtual event managed by Attendees can register at this event at the URL listed above and navigate to the Seica, Inc. booth where they will be able to interact with our dedicated team of sales personnel and application engineers.

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