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Distributor in Zhuhai,Manufaturing and selling SMT/AI spare parts,feeders,nozzles,instruments, tools,etc .

Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Representative

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Kenthe Co., Ltd. -- a Reliable Resource of SMT & PCBA Supply Chain

KENTHE CO.,LTD was founded in ZhuHai in China,Manufacturers of an extensive range of Yamaha all CL series feeders,Philips CL type feeders, JUKI FTF type feeders,SMT Nozzles, Cutters, Filters, Springs, and other associated Replacement Parts for a wide variety of SMT & PTH machines, including Yamaha,JUKI, Fuji, KME, Panasonic, Philips, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony & Universal.

Now we have explored Asia(Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, HK, Thailand, Iran, Philippines etc.), Europe(Germany, Turkey,Russia, Hungary,Spanish,Belgium, Poland etc.), American(USA,Canada,Brazil etc.) markets ,etc.

We also buy and sell all kinds new and second hand SMT machines in China and the world.

We have great interests in being agent of various leading brands of SMT production equipments and SMT accessories in China.

If you need anything or want to sell anything, Please don��t hesitate to contact us.


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AI parts

Panasonic, Universal, TDK...

AI parts

JUKI FTF type Feeders

JUKI FTF type Feeders 12mm 16mm 24mm...

JUKI FTF type Feeders

SMT nozzle and dispensing nozzle

Panasonics, Sanyo,Yamaha,Fuji,Juki,Sony, Universal,Samsung,etc....

SMT nozzle and dispensing nozzle

Yamaha feeder&Philips feeder

Yamaha all series cl feeder: 1)8X4mm feeder 2)8X2mm feeder 3)12mm feeder 4)16mm feeder 5)24mm feeder 6)32mm feeder 7)44mm feeder 8)56mm feeder All the cl type feeders can be used some philips machines...

Yamaha feeder&Philips feeder

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