Messung Workplace Technology

Manufacturer of ESD/Antistatic chairs & workbenches & ESD safe furniture


Messung Workplace Technology, under its Navonmesh initiative, proudly presents XM-PRO – high quality products with state-of-the-art volumetric ESD for Electronics Assembly and Workplace Ergonomics in the Electronics industry. Made in India. As modern day electronics manufacturing gets more complex and challenging, XM-PRO presents world-class ESD safe chairs & tables, Test & Measuring equipment and Workplace Ergonomics products that create a flexible, efficient and safe work environment, promote productivity and wellbeing. Navonmesh is Messung’s unique initiative to design and manufacture world-class products in India. With Navonmesh, Messung is evolving its core strength of indigenous innovation. Messung has been working closely with various industries, understanding their needs and challenges, identifying opportunities and technologies to manufacture the most relevant products that contribute to the customers success.
Benchtop Fluid Dispenser

ICT Total SMT line Provider