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Automated Construction Tasks

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mobile automation systems design and manufacturing

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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Automated Construction Tasks

Automated Construction Tasks


Automated Construction Tasks

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Zybotix Systems, Inc.


Automated Construction Tasks Description:

Houdini - Multi-function Robot

The robotic base has two arms fitted with job specific tool heads that are accurately positioned through an electronic positioning system (similar to global positioning systems), radio communications and laser optics. Houdini is programmed to continually reposition itself as the job requires automatically, assuring accurate completion of any task it is assigned.

Matrix - Fully contained, onsite manufacturing plant

  • Fully contained in a secure and towable storage trailer
  • Capable of producing any kit component including walls, trusses, joists and more.
  • House plans are fed into the onboard computer.
  • House is assembled like a big jig saw puzzle

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