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iineo - Multi Function Pick and Place System

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Europlacer designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of highly flexible SMT pick and place equipment for the global electronics industry, with a network of distributors across the globe.

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iineo - Multi Function Pick and Place System

iineo - Multi Function Pick and Place System


iineo - Multi Function Pick and Place System


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iineo - Multi Function Pick and Place System Description:

Technically speaking, iineo is a multi function SMT Pick & Place platform , with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry. It is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.

In reality, iineo is never having to say “no”…one machine with no limits.

As you might expect from Europlacer, a single elegant structure capable of almost unlimited configurations. However, the most important aspect of this platform is the capability that comes as standard within the machine:

  • PCB sizes from 60mm x 60mm up to 1610mm x 460mm
  • rotary turret heads with 8 or 12 placement nozzles
  • feeder positions – 264 x 8mm
  • Jedec storage positions – up to 10 internal trays
  • component size – 01005 to 99mm x 99mm
  • component weight & height – 300g and 34mm
  • component testing capability – with independently verifiable calibration (UKAS / NIST / PTB… etc.)*
  • dispensing – archemedes or air/time for glue or solder paste*
  • every nozzle position can place all and any component types, for real line balancing and no limitations
  • odd form & smart nozzle banks

…and, unlike other platforms, all this is possible without removing a single feeder from the 264 x 8mm positions available to you. That means you can do anything, at any time, without worry or compromise.

Why should you be restricted by placement heads that will only place a specific range of components? It just makes life complicated. And you can’t effectively balance that single machine, let alone a complete line.

That’s why iineo has genuine line balancing capabilities, with all heads and all nozzle positions capable of placing the full range of components. No, you don’t have to compromise on feeder positions or throughput speed, so production can run as efficiently as is possible.

Fitted with linear motors and digital cameras, the iineo platform also utilises Europlacer’s unique and proven core features such as Integrated IntelligenceTM , intelligent feeders, smart nozzles and 3DPS  providing guaranteed closed loop control of pick and placement forces for all components.

In addition, if you need to produce very large boards and the standard configuration is not enough, iineo is capable of being configured to manage 1610mm x 600mm size substrates too.

iineo Models:

  • The iineo I features a single rotary head on the X/Y gantry and contains 8 or 12 ‘Smart’ nozzles, with a maximum placement rate of 15,390 cph (IPC: 12,550 cph)
  • The iineo II features two rotary heads on X/Y gantries, each containing 8 or 12 ‘Smart’ nozzles, delivering a maximum placement rate of 30,000 cph (IPC: 24,200 cph)

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