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Atom High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place Platform

Atom High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place Platform

Atom High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place Platform


Atom High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place Platform


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Europlacer designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of highly flexible SMT pick and place equipment for the global electronics industry, with a network of distributors across the globe.

Poole Dorset, United Kingdom

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Pick and Place

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Atom High-Speed, Flexible Pick & Place Platform Description:

EUROPLACER: New ATOM Flexible AND High Speed Pick and Place Machines

Atom is the new flagship Europlacer pick & place platform. While it sits at the top of our range, it is complementary to and compatible with all our other platforms.

That’s what Europlacer customers have come to expect. And Atom continues to deliver.

Over five years in development, the Europlacer design team set out to engineer a new platform that combines very high placement speeds with our legendary placement flexibility and accuracy. They succeeded. The result is Atom.

New Pulsar Head

At the heart of the Atom platform’s high-speed capability is our pioneering new Pulsar pipette head. Each head features eight independent nozzles, themselves identical to those used on other Europlacer machines. Pulsar heads handle components from 01005 profiles up to 13mm² in size, while delivering the placement accuracy for which Europlacer is famed.


That accuracy is further guaranteed by innovative platform engineering. Robust X-Y gantries are driven by advanced linear motors, using linear encoders for absolute precision. You might think that subjecting payloads to the high acceleration rates demanded by six-figure placement speeds could compromise accuracy. Not so with Atom: the platform deploys twin synchronised linear motor drives at each end of the X-axis. They work in harmony to eliminate mechanical deflection and keep everything positionally perfect.


Matching the industry-leading standard set by its sibling iineo platforms, Atom retains the impressive on-machine inventory of 264 x 8mm reel capacity, while the addition of an interchangeable tray sequencer removes only one part number from the machine.

Board Size

The maximum board size for the Atom platform today is 865mm length x 715mm width. But late 2018 will see the introduction of handling capabilities for boards exceeding two metres in length. Atom is the first Europlacer platform to deploy our patented conveyor that eliminates physical board stops. Instead, software automatically determines the best stop position for optimum pick-to-place head travel paths, thereby maximising placement rates and throughput.

Optimised Placement

With sophisticated routines introduced in our latest RC5.16 Operating System, software automatically optimises the placement sequence to drive up placement rates. Yet still you can position Europlacer’s intelligent feeder carts in any location.

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