Beijing Draco Electronic Ltd.

We provide high quality PCB related products at most competitive price.

Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Component Preparation, Soldering, Service Provider

Beijing Draco Technology Ltd. is an agency company of many top Chinese PCB manufactures. We help the factories to handle their oversea's markets. By signing agreement with these factories, we provide high quality PCB products all over the world, while at very competitive price.

All our partners have been ISO9002 certified and have ISO14001 environmental certification, unlike many other small polluting PCB plants in China.

We are capable of choosing the right partner and providing the right PCBs for you, according to your requirements and quantities. The order could be from several pieces of testing board to hundreds of square meters big order.

Also, we are providing PCB related products and services such as laser cut stencils, board assembly, BGA mounting and reparing..

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