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TempTell Reflower

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Manufacturer and distributor of a low-cost prototype SMT reflow oven controller.

Westbrook, Connecticut, USA

  • Phone 860-399-5334

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TempTell Reflower

TempTell Reflower


TempTell Reflower

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Articulation LLC


TempTell Reflower Description:

TempTell Reflower is a device that controls a standard toaster oven to perform prototype and small batch surface mount solder reflowing operations. TempTell Reflower can control ovens up to 1800 watts or 15 amps in size. The reflow temperature profile is customizable through its RS-232 interface to fit the user's requirements.

TempTell Reflower comes bundled with a 36" bare junction thermocouple, an RS-232 cable for connection to your PC and a PC application for maintaining temperature profiles on your computer.

TempTell Reflower can perform 3 types of cycles:

Preheat cycle - gets the oven up to temperature.>
Reflow cycle - runs the oven through the pre-defined temperature profile.>
Bake cycle - used to drive the moisture from moisture-sensitive components.>

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