Electronics manufacturing services, populate pcb with electronics components, cable harness assembly, systems assembly, consignments and turn key.

1st Article (Electronics Manufacturing Services)

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*PCB Assembly ; SMT/Thru-hole Technology

*Cable Assembly ; Solder/Crimp/Test

*Ball Grid Array ; Repair/Replace

*Modification ; ECO/MCO/Rev. Change

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High Quality Workmanship

Excellent Customer Service

On Time Delivery

Manufacturing Process Standards:

IPC-610C; Mil-2000; Mil-2000A; Weapon Specs(WS6536E); TM-455; Tm-8575; OSHA 1910.1200


Tony V.P. Nguyen

109 S. Kirby st., Suite 401

Garland, Texas 75042

(214) 549-7170 (Cell)

(972) 272-2410 (Office)

(972) 485-5380 (Fax)

WWW.1stArticle.com WWW.Tony.Nguyen@1stArticle.com

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