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Henkel is a manufacturer of materials for PCB and component assembly. The materials include Loctite adhesives, Multicore soldering products, Hysol encaps and underfills, and Power Devices thermal phase change pads.


Henkel: A Total Materials Solution Provider for Semiconductor and Electronics Assembly

Henkel is the world’s leading and most progressive provider of qualified, materials for semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions.  The breadth of Henkel’s product portfolio delivers cost-effective solutions for any manufacturing challenge.

There are hundreds of different ways in which Henkel electronic adhesives can enhance the quality and efficiency of electronic components.

Adhesives for Electronics: An Industry Leader

Henkel is a major supplier to the electronics industry. Focused solutions backed by industry specific collateral and the best in-class support available have resulted in long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

Henkel is a reliable supplier of a wide range of electronic adhesive products, including:

  • Adhesives for Electronics Assembly
  • Adhesives for Semiconductor Assembly
  • Conductive Adhesives and Films
  • Non-Conductive Adhesives and Films
  • Display Materials
  • Solder Materials
  • Underfill Materials
  • Encapsulants and Molding Materials
  • Inks and Coatings

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LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Solder Paste for Medium and Large Board Assemblies LOCTITE HF 212 solder paste is a halogen-free (no intended added halogen in formulation), no clean, low voiding Pb-free solder paste. LOCTITE HF 212 also shows excellent...

Solder Materials

LOCTITE HF 212 Halogen-Free Solder Paste

Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds

Ensuring that electronics products function as they are designed to is just one piece of the materials solution Henkel delivers. Protecting printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies from thermal cycling and adverse environmental conditio...


Henkel Encapsulants / Potting Compounds

Henkel Surface Mount Adhesives

As the first commercially available adhesive to address the emerging surface-mount market in the 1980s, Loctite Chip bonder and Eccobond products today are the industry standard for mixed-technology and double-sided surface mount technology (SM...


Henkel Surface Mount Adhesives

MULTICORE Solder Fluxes

With a variety of formulations for various wave soldering processes, MULTICORE brand high performance liquid flux technology is compatible with dual-wave and lead-free processes, delivering outstanding results. From no-clean to low-r...

Solder Materials

MULTICORE Solder Fluxes

MULTICORE Solder Wires

The MULTICORE portfolio of cored solder wire features the award-winning multiple flux core technology that ensures the even and consistent distribution of flux throughout the solder wire. This mainstay in Henkel’s line of solder products...

Solder Materials

MULTICORE Solder Wires

MULTICORE Solder Pastes

As the world's leading developer of advanced solder paste materials, Henkel delivers decades of technology and expertise for optimized process performance. With ground breaking new formulations to provide an easy transition to lead-free as...

Solder Materials

MULTICORE Solder Pastes

TECHNOMELT Adhesives - Low Pressure Molding Solutions

Henkel's Technomelt products are engineering hotmelt adhesives for industrial applications in various market segments. Henkel's renowned TECHNOMELT low pressure molding solution is delivering superior sealing adhesion and e...


TECHNOMELT Adhesives - Low Pressure Molding Solutions

Henkel Loctite Gaskets and Sealants

Loctite silicone gasketing materials offer precise, reliable sealing for electronic enclosures, ensuring that housing modules are tightly secured and componentry is protected. Loctite silicone encapsulants are specially formulated to...


Henkel Loctite Gaskets and Sealants

Henkel Conformal Coatings

While Henkel is providing the leading materials used inside advanced packages and on sophisticated assemblies, we also deliver next-generation Loctite and Eccocoat brand conformal coating materials to ensure superior product protection. Many appli...

Coating Materials

Henkel Conformal Coatings

Henkel Chip-on-Board (COB) Encapsulants

Henkel’s line of Loctite Hysol® and Loctite Eccobond™ encapsulants are primarily used to ensure environmental protection and boost the mechanical strength of wire bonded devices...


Henkel Chip-on-Board (COB) Encapsulants

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Printed Electronics for Medical Devices

Nov 10, 2020 | Jeff Grover

As is the case with many other markets where faster, highly capable technologies have resulted in more intelligent processes and products, the medical device sector is also undergoing a "smart" transformation. This has driven the development of medical devices that provide greater access to in-home care and monitoring and faster results for medical professionals, with the overarching benefit of better patient outcomes. Devices applied to the human body that commonly sense...


Oct 14, 2020 | John Timmerman, Maria Salamon

Thermally conductive adhesives provide many advantages over traditional mechanical fastening techniques. Specifically, they use less material and space and are more amenable to automation than existing solutions. The thermal and mechanical properties of these materials are well understood but little work has been done to characterize and understand their toughness and fracture behavior. This paper presents the effects of filler loading as well as matrix composition on the fracture toughness of thermally conductive silicone adhesives. It was observed that the fracture toughness of these materials increased significantly with initial filler loading, and that the mechanical properties and fracture toughness depended on the molecular architecture of the matrix used....

Understanding the Effect of Process Changes and Flux Chemistry on Mid-Chip Solder Balling

Nov 30, 2016 | Katherine Wilkerson, Ian J. Wilding, Michael Carter, Daniel Buckland

Mid-chip solder balling is a defect typically associated with solder paste exhibiting poor hot slump and/or insufficient wetting during the reflow soldering process, resulting in paste flowing under the component or onto the solder resist. Once molten, this solder is compressed and forced to the side of the component, causing mid-chip solder balling.

This paper documents the experimental work performed to further understand the impact on mid-chip solder balling from both the manufacturing process and the flux chemistry....

Solder Materials Science Gets Small as Miniaturization Challenges Old Rules

Mar 10, 2011 | Neil Poole, Ph.D. and Brian Toleno, Ph.D.

History shows that the electronics assembly industry is always up for a good challenge. This was proven with the successful move from through-hole to SMT assembly, the elimination of CFCs from the cleaning process and implementation of lead...

Next Best Thing to a Close Shave: Mitigating the Risks of Tin Whiskers

Sep 23, 2010 | Brian Toleno, Ph.D., Henkel Corporation

If you've been in electronics for any length of time, the phenomenon of tin whiskers is something you've likely heard discussed (maybe in scared whispered tones). Tin whiskers certainly aren't a new problem. In fact, some of the first published reports of the occurrence date back to the 1940’s and 1950's. But, over half a century later, we're still talking about it....

Advanced Thermal Interface Materials for Enhanced Flip Chip BGA

Jan 06, 2010 | Punit Kohli, Martin Sobczak, Jeff Bowin, Michael Matthews - Henkel / Ablestik Laboratories

Increased functionality and performance requirements for microprocessors and ASICs have resulted in a trend to package these devices in the flip-chip BGA form factor (FCBGA). Because these devices use in excess of 40-100 Watts of power, their packages must dissipate heat in an extremely efficient manner. Most semiconductor companies have developed some type of thermally enhanced FCBGA package that provides heat dissipation through the back of the die to a heat spreader....

Effect of Reflow Profile on SnPb and SnAgCu Solder Joint Shear Force

Mar 08, 2007 | Jianbiao Pan, Brian J. Toleno, Tzu-Chien Chou, Wesley J. Dee

Reflow profile has significant impact on solder joint performance because it influences wetting and microstructure of the solder joint. The degree of wetting, the microstructure (in particular the intermetallic layer), and the inherent strength of the solder all factor into the reliability of the solder joint. This paper presents experimental results on the effect of reflow profile on both 63%Sn 37%Pb (SnPb) and 96.5%Sn 3.0%Ag 0.5%Cu (SAC 305) solder joint shear force....

Thermal Management of Hybrid Electronic Devices

Jul 21, 1999 | Barry Ritchie, Jamie Serensen

Thermal management is a growing challenge in the electronics industry. As the overall size of electronic devices grows smaller, the enclosed electronic assemblies operate at higher frequencies and generate more heat....

The Effect of Solder Mask And Surface Mount Adhesive Types on a PCB Manufacturing Process.

Jul 21, 1999 | James A. Serenson Jr., Steven Marongelli

A high volume manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs) had attempted for many years to locate an adhesive that was robust enough to meet their manufacturing needs. This proved to be a challenge because they needed the adhesive to accommodate a wide range of different dispensing equipment and board designs. The two key performance criteria required from the adhesive were dispensability and adhesion......

Reliability Considerations of Electrically Conductive Adhesives.

Jul 21, 1999 | Darryl J. Small

Isotropic conductive adhesives are typically silver filled epoxy resins. Electronics assemblers have evaluated these materials for a variety of unique interconnect applications. The goal is a conductive polymer that exhibits similar reliability and performance to traditional solder while offering the benefits of a polymer structure such as low temperature processing and good thermal stability as well as the ability to bond a variety of substrates....

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Henkel Develops Non-Proprietary Solder Paste Analysis Toolkit for Modern Process Complexities

Mar 16, 2018 | As a leading solder materials innovator, Henkel recognizes the need for more holistic solder paste process analysis, especially as device miniaturization and finer particle size solders become mainstream. While many suppliers and manufacturers use proprietary solder material evaluation tools, there is a requirement for easily-implemented, standardized test vehicles that address the realities of today’s manufacturing complexities, particularly in the process areas of printing and reflow. The electronics business of Henkel Adhesive Technologies has developed such a tool.

Henkel to debut new materials, share expertise at IPC APEX Expo 2018

Jan 31, 2018 | Coming off a historic 2017 during which the electronics business of Henkel Adhesive Technologies launched over 50 new products and enjoyed significant sales wins, the company is poised to have a repeat performance this year. At IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, CA, the Henkel team will showcase a host of new products in booth # 3001 and share its knowledge base in paper presentations during the event’s conference.

TECHNOMELT AS 8998 Masking Material Producing Measurable Gains in Efficiency, Cost Control; Recognized with Industry Award

Mar 06, 2017 | Last month at the IPC APEX Expo event in San Diego, California, Henkel’s TECNOMELT AS 8998 hot melt masking material was presented with a Circuits Assembly NPI award in recognition of its ability to meet several criteria, including: creativity and innovation, compatibility with existing technology, cost-effectiveness, design, expected reliability, flexibility, speed/throughput improvements, performance, user-friendliness, and expected maintainability and reparability. The award capped off what has been a successful first year for TECHNOMELT AS 8998, which was commercialized in early 2016 and has already lowered cost and improved operational efficiency at several global electronics manufacturers.

Steven Abramovich Appointed Head of Sales, Americas for Henkel’s Electronics Business

Mar 01, 2017 | Henkel Adhesive Technologies today announced that Steven Abramovich has been named Head of Sales, Americas for its electronics business. Previously Vice President of Channel Management for the company, Abramovich lends 30 years of results-driven sales and marketing experience to his new role.

Water Soluble, Tin-Lead Solder Paste from Henkel Enables High-Yield Results for Demanding Applications

Feb 23, 2017 | Henkel’s market leadership in solder materials development continues with the commercial launch of LOCTITE HF 2W, a tin-lead, water-washable solder paste designed for high-throughput, high-yield production. Halide- and halogen-free and REACH compliant, LOCTITE HF 2W addresses environmental responsibility while delivering outstanding performance for Pb-based soldering.

Henkel to Showcase Broad Range of Enabling Electronic Materials at IPC APEX Expo 2017

Jan 24, 2017 | At next month’s IPC APEX Expo (APEX) event in San Diego, California, Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ electronics business will display a full range of state-of-the-art electronic materials, all designed to push the conventional limits of performance capability. From February 14 through 16 in booth #1501, Henkel’s line of game-changing solder, encapsulant, underfill and thermal materials will be on show.

Broad Portfolio of Henkel Enabling Technologies on Show at SMTA International 2016

Sep 21, 2016 | From booth #936 at the upcoming SMTA International event in Rosemont, Illinois, Henkel Adhesive Electronics’ display will underscore why the company leads the market in comprehensive assembly materials technologies. With multi-award-winning LOCTITE GC solder materials, a broad range of leading-edge thermal management technologies, and new applications for TECHNOMELT products, the Henkel booth is the go-to destination for advanced electronics assembly materials.

Henkel Honors Manufacturing Representative, E-Tronix, with its Fifth North American Representative of the Year Award

May 11, 2016 | Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Electronics business has named E-Tronix its 2015 North American Manufacturing Representative of the Year. This is the fifth time in six years that the company has earned this distinction, which Henkel awards to its top performing representative as measured against very stringent criteria.

Henkel Partners with Tekra to Expand Coverage of its Electronic Inks Business in North America

May 09, 2016 | Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Electronics business today announced a new distribution partnership with plastic film and adhesives solutions provider, Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Tekra will deliver sales, technical consultation and post-sale service for Henkel’s full line of electronic ink materials in support of customers throughout North America.

Henkel Develops Thermally Conductive Technomelt® Solution

Mar 30, 2016 | Adding functional capability to its award-winning Technomelt® hot melt encapsulants, Henkel Adhesive Technologies today announced another formulation milestone with the development of a thermally conductive Technomelt material. With the ability to transfer heat through the encapsulating layer, thermally conductive Technomelt products offer dual-function performance in a single material solution.

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