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MULTICORE Solder Wires

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Henkel is a manufacturer of materials for PCB and component assembly. The materials include Loctite adhesives, Multicore soldering products, Hysol encaps and underfills, and Power Devices thermal phase change pads.

Irvine, California, USA


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MULTICORE Solder Wires

MULTICORE Solder Wires


MULTICORE Solder Wires


Solder Materials

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Henkel Electronic Materials


MULTICORE Solder Wires Description:

The MULTICORE portfolio of cored solder wire features the award-winning multiple flux core technology that ensures the even and consistent distribution of flux throughout the solder wire. This mainstay in Henkel’s line of solder products delivers ease of use and outstanding performance for today’s delicate hand soldering assembly and rework operations.

Formulated with a variety of different alloy selections, MULTICORE cored wires support traditional tin-lead manufacturing operations as well as modern lead-free processes. Our fast-wetting materials deliver excellent solder joint integrity and outstanding long-term performance.

Henkel's MULTICORE Solder Wire Products:

Alloy Option (SnPb)

Alloy Options (Pb-Free)

No-Clean Solder Wire


No-clean, clear residue, cored solder wire with medium activity flux with good wetting on difficult substrates.

Sn60, Sn62, Sn63

96SC (SAC387), 97SC (SAC305), 99C (SnCu)


No-clean, clear residue, heat stable cored solder wire. Complement no clean wave and reflow soldering processes.

Sn62, Sn63

96SC (SAC387), 97SC (SAC305), 99C (SnCu)

Halogen-Free Solder Wire


Halide-free, no-clean, clear residue, cored solder wire with increased flux content for improved wetting.

Sn62, Sn63

96SC (SAC387), 97SC (SAC305), 99C (SnCu)

Water Wash Solder Wire


High activity, water washable flux cored solder wire with excellent wetting on difficult substrates.

Sn62, Sn63

96SC (SAC387), 97SC (SAC305), 99C (SnCu)

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