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Drive Technologies offers latest technology products for Electronic assembly line with total support.Have  helped many international companies launch their products successfully in the indian market.We offer world class products as below.

1)HumiSeal conformal coatings for Protecting your valuable Electronic circuits from environmental factors

2)Kyzen Precision cleaning chemistries to effectively and efficiently clean all contaminants from Printed Circuit assemblies

3)SCH Technologies Professionally built equipments to solve all your conformal coating process problems

4)Wavesoldering machine Indias largest seller of wavesolder machines

5)SMT Reflow ovens and Stencil printers The oldest and largest installed population of Reflow ovens and  stencil printer

6)Hot,Cold and Humidity Chambers

7)Solderability tester/Wet balance

8)Ultrasonic cleaning machine

9)Inline and batch type of Acqeous cleaning machines 

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HumiSeal conformal coatings

High Reliability protective coatings for Electronics circuit assembly.Qualified under UL,IPC,MIL qualifications.Protection against Moisture,Humidity,Chemicals,Gases,Dust,Insects,Rodent refuse and many other pollutants. Used extensively i...

Coating Materials

HumiSeal conformal coatings

Low cost,Benchtop,Small Wavesoldering Machine

ISO WSM 180 is a very small,benchtop machine which consumes just 3.5KW power.It can be installed on any table-top.Being plug and use type it is easy to install and use.Modular card based design makes it very easy to troubleshoot. Advanced features l...

Low cost,Benchtop,Small Wavesoldering Machine

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Kyzen -The complete cleaning solution -Exstock in India

Mar 23, 2013 | Drive Technologies the official distributor for Kyzen Products in India offers popular Kyzen Cleaning solutions in various sizes.

HumiSeal coating material available Ex-Stock

Mar 23, 2013 | Drive Technologies offer a large stock of popular HumiSeal coating materials such as 1B31,1B73LED,1R32A2,Thinner 521 at attractive prices.No MOQ restrictions.

IPC Training & Certification - Blackfox

Voidless Reflow Soldering