JMJ Profile Inc.

JMJ PROFILE, INC. Specializes in G-10 and Phenolic Machining All operations are performed on multi-head CNC machines allowing high speed production and consistency. Our process is an alternative to die stamping.

Manufacturer of Assembly Material, Components/Substrates, Drilling/Routing, Laminates, Screen Printing

JMJ Profile, Inc.

Is a state of the art CNC drilling and routing company specializing in sheet stock plastics, composites and soft metals. We are an alternative to die stamping. All work is done on CNC High Speed drilling/ routing Machines.

From prototype to production, JMJ Profile, Inc. can handle your requirements, some of the industries served are avionics, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and PC... just to name a few

Specializing in G-10 and Phenolic machining

Our process includes State-of-the-Art High Speed Drilling of Sheet Stock Plastic and Phenolics, including Microdrilling.

JMJ operates High Speed 120 K Multi-Spindle drilling machines which accurately produce parts to very tight tolerances in many materials , producing your parts on time and cost effectively. Specializing in G-10 and Phenolic machining.

JMJ�S process utilizes 6 High Speed Multi-Spindle Routers to produce the highest quality parts, maintaining tight tolerances for prototype to production runs in many materials, producing your parts on time and cost effective.

screen printer squeegees - permalex

Conformal Coating Machine under 40000