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PCB Layout services

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PCB-supplier, Flexprint, HDI, Microvia, blind via, burried vias ect.

Langeskov, Denmark

Consultant / Service Provider, Manufacturer

  • Phone +45 6613 0768

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PCB Layout services

PCB Layout services


PCB Layout services


Design Services

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Azitech ApS


PCB Layout services Description:

Azitech offers:

  • On Site PCB Layout services
  • PCB Layout services outsourced to Azitech

EDA software supported

  • Altium 
  • OrCAD PCB Professional Designer

Combined PCB Layout - PCB production services

  • Better use of up to date PCB technology in YOUR design
  • Higher reliability – secure use of PCB technology
  • Extra SW licenses for lease (Altium and Cadence)
  • Extra resources, when your own Layouter are limited on time
  • Higher yield in the PCB production
  • Faster prototypes – by reducing the time for solving Engineering Questions
  • Panelization - Can be integrated as a part of the PCB layout services to increase production yield and reduce production costs

Azitech can assist you early in the design phase with design tips, calculations, and pre layout analysis. We use modern layout techniques and modern design rules that will drive the cost of your PCB production down to a minimum. We offer “on site” and “off site” layout services.

If you want our PCB layouts to work from your address, than that will be arranged, or he can work from Azitech’s offices and update you when necessary. The choice is yours. When using Azitech as your strategic PCB layout partner, you will automatically have years of PCB experience at your side and we will be able to customise your design to make it fit perfectly to the PCB factory.

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