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ELECTROVERT MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner

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Speedline Technologies serves the electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging industries with class-leading equipment, responsive support and unparalleled process knowledge.

Franklin, Massachusetts, USA


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ELECTROVERT MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner

ELECTROVERT MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner


ELECTROVERT MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner


Cleaning Equipment

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Speedline Technologies, Inc.


ELECTROVERT MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner Description:

The first technology to use centrifugal energy to clean electronic circuit assemblies, precision parts, and semiconductor packages.

The system offers unparalleled penetration, solubilization, and contaminant removal

The MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaning System provides incomparable cleaning of electronic circuit assemblies, precision parts, medical devices, bumped wafers, and advanced packages, such as flip chips, MCMs, SIPs, BGAs, CSPs and hybrid circuits. Centrifugal energy, produced when parts are rotated inside a sealed process chamber, provides unparalleled penetration, solubilization, and contaminant removal when coupled with appropriate cleaning chemistries. The complete three-step cleaning process achieves washing, rinsing, and drying results unattainable through any other technology available. The patented MicroCel system is an industry-first for cleaning in the electronics and semiconductor packaging industries. It bears no resemblance to other cleaning systems, but employs concepts, technologies, and qualities most often found in semiconductor processing equipment.

  • Pre-mixing features recirculates wash tank to prevent chemistry separation
  • Spin under immersion wash & rinse, spray rinse and spin dry
  • Short cycle times, zero-discharge and solvent versatility
  • Unparalleled cleaning  capability leaves no visible residues underneath components at 45X optical inspection

New Productivity-Enhancing Features

For flexibility and ease-of use, the MicroCel system now offers a new enhanced operator interface. It can store and retrieve up to 50 recipes and has adjustable programming, configurable alarms, and the option to manage recipes remotely via an Ethernet link. The new graphical user interface enables flexible recipe generation and the performance of 20 operational steps. These steps include immersion wash, spin-off, immersion and spray rinse, dry and cool - in any order - with adjustable parameters of spin RPM, cycle time, and number of cycles. Additional enhancements to the process chamber include the introduction of level control monitoring and a pre-mixing feature that recirculates the wash tank to keep chemistries from separating.


Products cleaned in the MicroCel system are held in place and secured to the head using either universal adjustable fixtures, standard fixtures, or custom fixtures specific to your product type. Standard fixtures are available for smaller circuit modules, wafers, singulated packages, Auer® boats, magazines, cassettes and JEDEC trays. All custom fixtures are designed by Accel for each customer application, considering part size, weight, UPH, inertia, operator friendliness, fluid dynamics, and long term robustness. Loading of product types into fixtures can occur off-line during the MicroCel unit’s semiautomatic sequence. Fixtures are mounted to the heads for universal coupling in seconds and are easily interchanged by actuating a single release mechanism.


Process Time:

  • Wash: 0.5 to 2.0 minutes typical
  • Rinse: 1.0 to 2.0 minutes typical
  • Dry: 2.0 to 3.0 minutes typical


0.0 to 2μ gr NaC1/in2
(0.0 to 0.31/cm3), resistivity of solvent extract testing per DOD-STD-2000-1


100%, no moisture remaining on product, 60% relative humidity in process chamber


Aqueous, Bio T200A, Axarel 36, Ionox HC, Ionox FCR, Ionox 2302, Armakleen, Bioact EC-7R, Bioact EC-15, Zestron FC

Machine Dimensions: (Width x Depth x Height): 1920 mm (75 in) x 9650 mm (38 in) x 1700 mm (67 in)

Floor Load: 574 kg (1250 lbs)

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