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MES Technologies, Inc

MES Technologies provides automation and IT services to the manufacturing industry. We help companies improve operational efficiencies and reduce manufacturing costs by deploying systems to visualize, analyze and optimize plant operations.

Service Provider, Software Manufacturer

MES Technologies provide automation and IT services to the manufacturing industry. We offer a full range of programming and integration services using the leading plant automation and manufacturing information software packages.

We have a strong understanding of the latest information technologies including: MS SQL Server databases, Plant Historians, MS Excel, Web-Based Reporting, Plant Intelligence Portals, along with MES, SPC, OEE and other continuous improvement solutions.

With the evolving choices in technology and applications, you need a partner that can both help you achieve your existing automation goals and one who understands the latest plant information technologies. MES can help you select, design and deploy a solution that best meets your plant�s business objectives and budget. MES will put your plant information to work for you !

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MES is an Adaptive Micro Systems solutions partner. Adaptive has created a family of Visual Workspace Solutions designed specifically to deliver Lean Manufacturing performance metrics. MES can integrate Adaptive's LED message boards directly to your ...

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