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Dicing Blades

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Keteca USA manufactures dicing saw blades and dicing surfactants in its Arizona factory. We offer best performance and pricing and have much experience in ceramics, III-V materials and Si. quick turn arounds and USA made.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


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Dicing Blades

Dicing Blades


Dicing Blades

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Keteca USA


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Our leading products are researched, developed and manufactured at Keteca USA, in Phoenix Arizona.

Solution to bonding problem? Keteca Diamaflow is the Answer!

The Sub-Micron Technology of today and the future requires continued improved methods to ensure cleaner wafers resulting in higher die yield per wafer.

Keteca is meeting this challenge with our next generation of Diamaflow coolant additives and dispensing systems.

Diamaflow 168D Dicing Solutions increases the wetting and lubricity characteristics of DI water providing improved kerf and greatly improved wafer and bonding pad surface contamination from dicing.

How is it done?

By mixing Diamaflow with D.I. water during sawing. Installation of Diamaflow to saw takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

How does Diamaflow works?

As more molecules attack the silicon dust, the contact angle between the particle and the surface increases until the dust is removed from the surface.

As the lipohilic molecules remove the particle, the Hydrophilic (water loving) tails the suspended particle in the water solution. This allows the particle to be washed away without leaving a residue.

Other advantages

Diamaflow reduces the water surface tension (surface tension of D.I. water is 72 dynes/cm, with Diamaflow surface tension is 31 dynes/cm).

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