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Otter-C6x� PC/104-plus DSP CCA

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S & K Electronics is a contract manufacturer of electronic and cable harness assemblies with full SMT, test and ESS capabilities. We have a high speed and a mid-speed/high-mix SMT line. Some equipment includes MpM, GSM, HSP, Advantis and HP3070.

Ronan, Montana, USA

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Otter-C6x� PC/104-plus DSP CCA

Otter-C6x� PC/104-plus DSP CCA


Otter-C6x� PC/104-plus DSP CCA

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S & K Electronics


Otter-C6x� PC/104-plus DSP CCA Description:

The Otter-C6x� is a compact, general-purpose digital signal processing board designed for demanding applications requiring serious data crunching power in a pocket size form factor. Unit comes with a choice of either the Texas Instruments TMS320C6201B 1600-MIPs fixed-point DSP or the TMS320C6701 oneGFLOPs floating-point DSP. The Otter-C6x� conforms to the PC/104-plus specifications, revision 1.1, which means this unit can be stacked with other Otter-C6x� boards or a variety of PC/104 and PC/104 Plus compatible interface boards.

� 16 Mbytes Sync DRAM (SDRAM)
� 1 Mbyte Sync Burst SRA (SBSRAM)
� 1 Mbyte FLASH
� 128Kbytes dual port interface
� 32-bit/33MHz PCI master/target interface
� 16-bit Plug-n-Play (PnP) ISA interface
� One C6x style serial port interface
� One timer channel (in/out) interface
� JTAG interface
� RS-232 port supporting up to 115.2 Kbaud
� Switch config. boot and debug support
� Onboard 1.8V & 3.3V DC power supplies
� PC/104-Plus compliant

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